Chat, Voice, Web and Mobile app development
Agile App Development

We make ideas happen

Tailored cloud applications for your venture

We offer custom-made software and help you implement your projects on cloud infrastructure. While keeping focus on your requirements, we benefit from more than 10 years experience developing cutting-edge online services for SMEs and Startups in Austria, Germany and the USA.

Agile software development

We understand your concerns and wishes and translate them into unique products.

  • Agile MVP development

    Based on your idea and our experience our team develops your Minimum Viable Product respecting the Lean Startup methodology.

  • Web development

    We design and code complex Web applications using state-of-the-art technology.

  • App development

    Optimal User Experience is paramount and we develop cross-platform, so you can launch your App on iOS and Android at the same time.

  • Voice- and Chatbots

    Whether Amazon Alexa Skill, Google Action, Facebook Messenger Bot or your own chat system: Our team builds bots for all platforms!

Company & Philisophy

We focus on your project and provide a frictionless process

  • We have experience

    We benefit from more than 10 years experience developing cutting-edge online services: From community-powered price comparision and recommendation systems over multitenant eCommerce systems including delivery software to interactive chatbots that solve your relationship issues.

  • We are on time

    We align our development roadmap to your deadlines and meet agreed milestones. Thanks to an agile development process we are able to quickly respond to changing requirements.

  • We listen

    We listen to our clients and don't build a Star Destroyer, when a Millennium Falcon is what you really want.

  • We learn from each other

    We share our knowledge and grow through our challenges. Every single problem and every difficult situation makes us stronger in the end.

  • We love what we do

    We are keen to face new challenges and love that our solutions not only do their job, but inspire millions of users.

  • We operate in the background

    We treat your projects confidential, that's why you won't find any confidential information about our customer projects on this website.

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